Original Abstract Paintings

Hello & Welcome!

I am Mina, a local abstract artist based in Baguio City, Philippines

My art studio is in a small pocket of garden near the Baguio Cathedral. 

You are welcome to come and visit, please contact me to arrange a time!

My Art Mission

I create art to share the spirit of Exploration & Wonder.

If you want more fun, wonder and magic in your life, then please keep in touch!

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Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoy my art!

Own an original, one-of-a-kind piece of art

Abstract Florals



Only One Artwork a Month?

Yes, I release only ONE artwork per month.

I know it may sound so few. But I have a short attention-span (normal for my age).

It takes me time to create an art piece. And I treasure each and every painting I make. 

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Butterfly Collection 

Set of 3, 8x11"

Php 6500.00


Set of 1, 18x24"

Php 4500.00


Set of 1, 9x12"

Php 2500.00

Gift yourself or a loved one with a meaningful piece of art