Original Abstract Paintings

Mina Abellera

My first years in life were spent indoors - because I was born during the 2019 worldwide pandemic. So to encourage growth and development without the normal stimuli, my family introduced me to the arts.

This opened a whole new world to me - one of fun, exploration & magic!✨

Through my paintings, I wish to share with you this same spirit of Exploration & Wonder.

First Artwork

This was my first painting. I was going to give it to my grandma when she arrives from the hospital. They told me I’ll see her in 3 days after her surgery.

But my grandma Mamita never came home.

I saw her in a casket. They told me she was sleeping...

"Sleeping Mamita"

Non-toxic Poster Paint on Legal Paper

Mommy said Grandma will see it from heaven and smile.

And since then, I haven't stopped painting.

Gift yourself or a loved one with a meaningful piece of art

Mina's Art Style 2022:  Explorative

I make original abstract paintings based on secret things -- discoveries during my explorations (sometimes I disclose what they are, sometimes you will have to guess, wink).😉

"The passion to EXPLORE is at the heart of being human." ~Carl Sagan

In one of my earlier paintings, Mommy asked me what I painted because it looked familiar. But I didn't tell her. 

A few days later, she saw the book I was reading and my paintings looked like the flowers in the book! [The Abstract Floral Collection]

Explore our wonderful world with me - one painting at a time!